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o_o Oops.

So I just took a good look at my public entries and realized I somehow sent two of my Tumblr reblogs to Twitter. xD

Judging by the tags for those reblogs, I must have been reblogging while on my phone. LOL

Just letting y'all know I wasn't hacked or anything. :3


My tweets


My tweets

O_O Wow...

I didn't know this existed! But I would say that this is an improvement over the 4kids opening...though less lulzy.

[eta] Holy shit...they actually dubbed 4 OPs and EDs in English... *off to listen*

Tsunami Watch!

Just got an e-mail from UH Alert saying that we're on tsunami watch because of the Japan earthquake.

So basically, they don't know for sure if there is one.

All of the news sites I'm looking at give different measurements for just how big it was. They range from 7.7 to 8.9. >.>;;

All the seiyuu I follow on Twitter are retweeting information. Okiayu Ryoutarou tweeted this link of someone who set up a USTREAM of their TV as it plays NHK's coverage. I'm sure there are other links floating around.

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*flail* Pokemon consumes my life!

I picked up my copy of Pokemon Black on Sunday, as well as my Collector's Edition Guide. It was hard cover. *O*

Though the pages aren't paper and are instead made of that magazine-ish stuff and for some odd reason the pages have gotten a bit wavy and the top cover has curled slightly. Though that may be because it was in Tezuka-buchou's backseat with Jirou and possibly under something that caused it to bend.

It's nothing to cry over though as it isn't ruined, just slightly worn at less than a week old. XD

Anyway! Pokemon Black is awesome. I was able to connect it with Jirou-chan's JPN version and have that game of hers registered as a friend. I was even able to call her, although since she has a DS Lite, it only supported audio. If she had a DSi, there'd be audio AND video. So she could see me, but I couldn't see her. XD (And at the time, I didn't know which button to push to get the audio to work, but now I do! I just have to try it out with her again.)

I only have three badges so far, but I have been going pretty slowly and actually trying to get Pokemon leveled that would be effective against the gym leaders, rather than just relying on my starter. As a result, my Pokemon are usually at the same level or a few below the gym leaders, but they finish them off in 2-3 hits.

Old badge set, but who cares? XD

Bad Article is Bad.

There's a post on Game Informer about "The Hidden Costs of Gaming."

It says that buying a PS3 carries a hidden cost of $3,300. Why? They threw in a 3D TV and 3D glasses into the cost.

I'm sure all you PS3 owners immediately went out and bought a $2,000 3D TV upon buying your PS3, right? It's only natural.


Amazon, U Trollin?

I received an e-mail from Amazon this morning. Apparently, because I indicated that I was interested in Moon Child (I clicked some checkbox that said I owned the movie), Amazon has decided that I would be interested in such titles as Anarchy in [Ja]Panty, Sexy Battle Girls, The Japanese Wife Next Door Part 2, and Sexy Timetrip Ninjas... All of which are "pink eiga," i.e. softcore Japanese porn.

Unless Gackt-sama or HYDE-sama make an appearance in them, I don't really see the connection other than the movies being Japanese and a bit on the hokey side.



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