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健全なる魂 『A Healthy Soul』

健全なる精神 『Not...』

The Mad Countess

Wow...I need to change this bio. xD

I've lived in Hawaii all of my life, and the only place I've ever been to out-of-state is Arizona. Which I didn't enjoy very much. ^^; I'm a big fan of the BLEACH manga and anime, although shoujo is my most favorite genre. I also like singing and music, although there are some songs where I'd rather be playing the music rather than singing or listening to it. I try to be artistic and creative, but it usually never ends well. Hopefully some day it will!

I'm also a Japanese Studies Major. v(^_^)v I love translating, but I really need to practice. I store most of what I translate over @ paper_sushi. I'm even more sporadic about updating that than this. ^^; But it's definitely tidier over there.
This layout was created by yukimi_chan. Which explains why it looks funny in some places! Haha!
chaos_no_megami // My little sister
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BLEACH ¡ 矢胴丸リサ

Jyanni /♥/ 生田斗真

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