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*flail* Pokemon consumes my life!

I picked up my copy of Pokemon Black on Sunday, as well as my Collector's Edition Guide. It was hard cover. *O*

Though the pages aren't paper and are instead made of that magazine-ish stuff and for some odd reason the pages have gotten a bit wavy and the top cover has curled slightly. Though that may be because it was in Tezuka-buchou's backseat with Jirou and possibly under something that caused it to bend.

It's nothing to cry over though as it isn't ruined, just slightly worn at less than a week old. XD

Anyway! Pokemon Black is awesome. I was able to connect it with Jirou-chan's JPN version and have that game of hers registered as a friend. I was even able to call her, although since she has a DS Lite, it only supported audio. If she had a DSi, there'd be audio AND video. So she could see me, but I couldn't see her. XD (And at the time, I didn't know which button to push to get the audio to work, but now I do! I just have to try it out with her again.)

I only have three badges so far, but I have been going pretty slowly and actually trying to get Pokemon leveled that would be effective against the gym leaders, rather than just relying on my starter. As a result, my Pokemon are usually at the same level or a few below the gym leaders, but they finish them off in 2-3 hits.

Old badge set, but who cares? XD


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Mar. 10th, 2011 07:29 pm (UTC)
I got Pokemon White yesterday. :) Haven't played it yet.

I got the regular volume 1 guide. Is yours the one with volume 1 and 2 both in it? Cause that would be kinda nice...

I hope I actually finish the game this time, unlike HeartGold and the billion other Pokemon games I bought between Pokemon Blue and this one!
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