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Just got this in my e-mail...

Effing Laptop!

It's been dying on me sooo much within the past three days. ><;;

I really need to get a new one. >.>;;

I got my Federal tax return...but I had to give part of it to my parents for bills and such.

Must save! Because dying every two hours or so and during restarts is too much!

My tweets

  • Tue, 23:48: Mah poor twitter. I barely use it! XD


Day 30: Your Favorite Game of All-Time

Animal Crossing!

No really.  It's one of those games that just relaxes me.

Unless I'm playing at around 2 or 3 a.m. during the summer time on my DS...because that's when the tarantula and scorpion come out, and they ALWAYS FREAK ME OUT OMG.

I love the music though.  The Gamecube version is the classic, though.  Such relaxing music~

This…I actually don’t have an answer for since I don’t play games I don’t think I’d enjoy. All of the games I’ve tried, I’ve at least thought, “Oh hey, that looks interesting!”

And why would I buy a game that I’m not that interested in?

Day 27: Most Epic Scene Ever

Ugh.  D:  I don't think there are any scenes that I found particularly epic...unless you count when characters do their special moves.  LOL

So I'll post when Rita does her "Ancient Catastrophe" mystic arte.  I have the equipment needed to pull it off, but I don't think she's learned Special yet.  Oh well.

(Also, notice how she says "Blah blah blah...GROUND DASHER!"  XD)

Day 26: Best Voice Acting


I know I'm supposed to pick a game that has good voice acting... But there's usually a lot of hit-or-miss with games. Especially if they're dubs of something I'm familiar with. I'll be so used to the Japanese voices that I'll be like, "OMG WHY?! HE/SHE DOESN'T SOUND LIKE THAT!"

So I'm just going to pick a person. xD

Johnny Yong Bosch! a.k.a. the Black Power Ranger. I love it when he does any kind of voice acting. My sis and I are usually like, "Is that Johnny? JOHNNY~!" and that character is forever endeared to us. LOL

Also, sdklfjewioruio...WHAT. I didn't know he was Sanada Yukimura in Sengoku Basara! That's what I get for only watching the subbed version. xD

No More Bookstores D:

And I mean big, nation-wide, corporate bookstores.

I just saw on Hawaii Tribune-Herald that the Kona Borders is also closing. All we'll be left with are small, niche bookstores and used bookstores.

I guess I'm going to have to go totally Amazon or something for the few books I do read.

Also, I have to go clothes shopping today. >.> I at least need one new pair of jeans. LOL

Jirou-chan said I need more "work-appropriate" clothes. Though...I'm allowed to wear jeans to the office. If I wasn't, they'd have talked to me already.

The dress code was that I couldn't "look like a student." But...I think that no matter what I'd wear, I could still pass as a student. Maybe. LOL

I should probably eat my Lunchables now...



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